A Berklee graduate with a penchant for making noise, Kate Bilinski is a New York based sound designer, editor, and re-recording mixer. Present in the film and advertising worlds, she has worked with Dig It Audio, Rumble Post, Fall On Your Sword, Parabolic, Great City Post, Red Hook Post, and Big Foote Music & Sound - collaborating with clients from Google and Chase to Disney and Sesame Street. Her film credits include films such as Todd Solondz' Wiener-Dog, Judd Ehrlich's Emmy Award winning We Could Be King, and Craig Zobel's Z for Zachariah. In addition, she recently assisted Ryan Lott on the scores for John Green's Paper Towns and Nathan Morlando's Mean Dreams.

Kate has edited and mixed several reknowned podcasts. Her work can be heard on:

Serial | Season Two
Homecoming | Season Two
Reply All
Heavyweight | Season Two
Mike Birbiglia’s The Old Ones
New Yorker Radio Hour
36 Questions

As a bassist and electronic musician, she has participated in artists in residences in the United States, Italy, and Cuba, including "Performing Daily Practice" at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and "Castello in Movimento," in Fosdinovo, Italy. 


Visit her IMDb page here. 

View her official resume here.